This year I will become an Ironman.

I was in third grade when I saw the Ironman World Championship, the crown jewel of long distance triathlon. It is held every year in Hawaii, and athletes from all over the world compete in a 2.4 mile (open water) swim (in the Atlantic Ocean), a 112 mile bike, followed by a full marathon (26.2 mile run). I watched it on TV, and remember the moment when an 80-something-year-old-woman crossed the finish line, and I told myself that I was going to be an Ironman one day. At the time, I played basketball (which I continued to play throughout college), and soccer, but I had never seen anything like Ironman. I saw people finish on sheer willpower after hours and hours of pain. I saw men and women cross the finish line smiling and crying at all hours of the day. I saw all walks of life, ages, gender, disability or handicap finish. I didn’t know everything that it took to finish, but I could tell that it was “a lot.” And I could tell that I wanted to do it.

Fast forward 20 years, and the time is now. A large part of this blog will chronicle my journey toward this lifelong goal. I believe the glory of finishing cannot come without the journey. This is where my fire comes from. The journey has me fired up.

I am now 3.5 months into my training. Even though I am late to the game in starting this blog and posting, I am proud to say that I haven’t missed a day. Here is what this week looks like:

  • TUESDAY : Interval swim : 2200m (12×100, 6×50)
  • WEDNESDAY : Interval bike : 1 hour
  • THURSDAY : Interval run : 50 minutes
  • FRIDAY : Aerobic swim : 4x500m
  • SATURDAY : Tempo bike : 80km, hilly
  • SUNDAY : Aerobic run : 16km, hilly

It is super helpful to take things a step at a time. If I step away from the “today” for very long, it is easy to feel intimidated. Or even worse, to feel completely lost in everything. But when I focus on one step at a time, one foot in front of the other, one more stroke or pedal or hill or breath, everything becomes manageable.

Just one more.

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