“Fear has a large shadow. But he himself is small.” (Ruth Gendler)

Today is a big day. Well, today is two days after a stupid day. You know the social fitness app, Strava? Well, I read an article that said January 19 is known as “quitter’s day” because of Strava’s statistical data showing it to be the day that most people quit on their New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe this seems insignificant, but not to me. Because today, I have not only not quit, I’ve also just finished my workout for today. My goal scares me, but I think that is a good thing. I’d venture to say most people are afraid of being great, or of even simply stepping outside of the norm for more than 19 days. So I’m bucking that trend. This blog is about more than resolutions. It’s about more than 19 days of effort. I hope to connect with people who are also on a mission toward their biggest goal(s).


  • Because we can have as many goals and dreams as we can imagine.
  • Because it is up to us to accomplish them.
  • Because we should always build one another up, and help where we can.
  • Because the end is beautiful, but the journey is what makes it worth it.
  • Because everyone deserves to have something that fires up their spirit.

We are all afraid of something. I am. Even writing publicly scares me. But these words, this blog, is what I can do today to say no to fear and yes to my dreams. Keep reading and I’ll share what these dreams are.

Get fired up! What is one thing you can do today to say no to fear and yes to your dreams?


Noor Haq, Sana. “This Is the Day You’re Most Likely to Let Your New Year Fitness Goals Slip.” Runner’s World, Runner’s World, 9 Jan. 2020,

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