The interval runs on Thursdays have been challenging lately, and this week builds a bit more, but I actually really like them. Coming off of my longest recent run to date on Sunday, I am feeling surprisingly good, and think that has a lot to do with my nutrition. This week is the last week of another month, and it is just so crazy to think of how quickly the time goes! IMWI will be here before I know it. That is both terrifying and exciting. So much progress is made a step at a time. I just need to keep taking those steps.

Here’s what week 28 has in store:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim SUBSTITUTE :: 
  • Wednesday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min w/ climbs + strength training
  • Thursday :: Interval Run :: 12km :: 10x1km @ PE 8-9
  • Friday :: Aerobic Swim SUBSTITUTE :: 
  • Saturday :: Aerobic Bike + Run :: 120-130km bike + 5km run.
  • Sunday :: Race Pace Run :: 16km :: 3x3km @ R.P.

*PE = personal effort (scale 1-10)
**R.P. = race pace

Last week:
Bike Total :: 55.84 miles
Run Total :: 23.86 miles

Monday :: REST / yoga :: I opted to do some light stretching, and rolled out my legs and back. I love love love my foam roller 🙂
Tuesday :: Interval Swim SUBSTITUTE :: I am actually starting to like my extra days focused on core, strength and flexibility. 1.5 mile run at conversational pace + 30 minutes strength + 30 minutes yoga.
Wednesday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min w/ climbs + strength training :: I felt the best I have yet doing indoor intervals. I think getting outside is making a huge difference, even on the days when I stay indoors. Today was a huge confidence booster!
Thursday :: Interval Run :: 11km :: 9x1km @ PE 8-9 :: This type of workout is always a tough one, but my competitive spirit loves it. One more interval than last week. I struggled, and my pace wasn’t what it was last week, but long sprints are tough ones, and I’ll keep at it.
Friday :: Aerobic Swim SUBSTITUTE :: I tried a different yoga video today, one a little more focused on strength and opted to forgo actual lifting. I’m not sure that I’ll continue that. I felt like I let myself off the hook a little bit today.
Saturday :: Race Pace Bike :: 40km w/ 1x15km efforts @ R.P. :: I’ve started to begin each day with either core or yoga, just 5-10 minutes. Today was the first day that I did that, since I planned to ride in the afternoon when it warms up (we had SNOW this week!).
Sunday :: Aerobic Run :: 24-25km :: Today marked the longest run for me in the past 3 years! The first 10 miles felt amazingly good, and the last 5.5 were painful. I’ve been having a little pain in my right hip, but I think its due to tightness. I finished my run, and I’m proud of my time, but I’m honestly just as excited to be done with the miles and on to a recovery day.

Get fired up! What is your goal for the week?

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