Another week in the books y’all. I am really starting to feel fatigue. I’m trusting that every day, every training session is getting me stronger, and I’m ready to keep tackling it. I’m hoping to start doing my Wednesday sessions outdoors and I’ll just have to be strategic with route planning so that I get good hill/speed training in. Question: do you do your cycle speed/hill work on the trainer or outside? I feel like there are pros and cons each way…

Here’s what week 30 has going for us:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim SUBSTITUTE :: 
  • Wednesday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min w/ climbs + strength training
  • Thursday :: Interval Run :: 12km :: 10x1km @ PE 8-9
  • Friday :: Aerobic Swim SUBSTITUTE :: 
  • Saturday :: Aerobic Bike + Run :: 120-130km bike + 5km run.
  • Sunday :: Race Pace Run :: 16km :: 3x3km @ R.P.

Last week’s deets:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga :: I’m still opting for a more active recovery day, with a little bit of yoga and a LOT of movement. I feel like the rest of my week feels better with movement as opposed to being more stationary. I found this restorative yoga video which I have enjoyed.
  • Tuesday :: TT Swim SUBSTITUTE :: I followed my anaerobic swim replacement workout to a T this week. Feeling good with the extra weights… maybe I’ll set a pull-up goal for the month of May? Stay tuned.
  • Wednesday :: TT Bike :: 80 km + strength training :: I was really proud of myself for getting out on the bike today. It was a little rainy, but it was a LOT windy! I had to psych myself up to get outside, and I’m glad I did. I took a new route, which was beautiful (and HILLY), and it was heaps better than any indoor 80km I would have done. Get uncomfortable to get comfortable.
  • Thursday :: Recovery Run :: 10km :: This one hurt. Recovery runs are always mentally hard for me; I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately. But I did it. And I have to trust that it is beneficial!
  • Friday :: O.W. Swim SUBSTITUTE :: Same ol’ same ol’ here. I can’t wait to swim again.
  • Saturday :: Race Pace Bike :: 40km :: 2x10km efforts @ R.P. :: I FINALLY RODE WITH CLIP IN PEDALS OUTSIDE! While this may not seem like much, it was a HUGE win for me. Little by little, I’m getting better. I think clip ins will help me in the long run, but they definitely take time to get used to. It’s so much different than using them on the trainer 🙂
  • Sunday :: TT Pace Run :: 18km :: I came in just a little slower than my goal pace here, but I felt pretty good. Even though it was technically a TT today, I ran it more like a progression run. I’ve been having a little bit of hip pain on my longer runs lately, and I was hoping to avoid that. The good news here is that my legs felt (tired but) great. So I’ll take that for today.

Get fired up! What is your goal for the week?

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