Well friends, I am kicking off my birthday week with an exciting week of training, including my longest brick session of this training program! My Dad mentioned something sort of funny to me recently, that all of us training for anything during this time of isolation get to pretend we’re pro athletes for awhile, since we don’t really have work or some of our other obligations to focus on. I’ve TOTALLY been pretending I’m a pro triathlete since then, and it just makes me smile. An extra kick in my pants regarding nutrition seems to have helped this past week go smoother, and I’ve been giving my pacing an extra thought, too. I ended up skipping my interval workout Thursday (see recap at the end of this post) but otherwise felt pretty good. Sleep is crucial, and I’ve been realizing what triggers my sleepless nights. We all have our own struggles, but understanding what helps and what hurts is half the battle. So, I’m looking forward to this week – my first training week of my 30’s 🙂

Here’s the plan for Week 31:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim SUBSTITUTE :: 
  • Wednesday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min w/ climbs + strength training
  • Thursday :: Interval Run :: 10km :: 8x1km @ PE 8-9
  • Friday :: Aerobic Swim SUBSTITUTE :: 
  • Saturday :: Aerobic Run :: 18km run.
  • Sunday :: Brick :: 100km :: 90km bike @ PE 7-8 + 10km run @ PE 8

  • Monday :: REST / yoga :: I did just a little bit of light stretching and really focused on getting some good food + hydration into my world.
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim SUBSTITUTE :: 45 minutes of anaerobic work, HIIT training, yoga, and a little extra core work today
  • Wednesday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min w/ climbs + strength training :: Today’s ride was HARD man. It felt so good though! 8 minute warm up, 5 minutes essentially at an all out sprint on my highest gear with 3 minutes recovery just spinning. Repeated that 8x. Wowza! Good stuff 🙂
  • Thursday :: Interval Run :: 12km :: 10x1km @ PE 8-9 :: I hate to say that I did not train today. I gave myself a pass because I slept for a total of ZERO minutes the night before. Maybe this is when I need to run the most, but I opted to not. Let me know, what would you have done?
  • Friday :: Aerobic Swim SUBSTITUTE :: Core + 2.23 mile run + yoga + strength. 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Saturday :: Aerobic Bike + Run :: 120-130km bike + 5km run :: The weather forecasted 30 degrees with winds up to 35 mph, so I chickened out and rode inside, but always still run outside. The indoor trainer is a little difficult for so many miles because of the mental side and also because you simply never stop spinning your legs. Outside, on downhills, etc. you have a chance to stop that spinning motion occasionally, but not inside. For this reason, I felt great during training today, but my legs were BRUTALLY tired after. 5k felt awesome!
  • Sunday :: Race Pace Run :: 16km :: 3x3km @ R.P :: I was super pleased that I felt really strong on today’s run. I focused hard on pacing, and was pretty spot on target. That’s rare for me 🙂 How are you at pacing? Let me know your secrets if you have them!!

Total weekly miles | Run: 15.33mi | Cycle: 100mi

Get fired up! What are your goals and plans for the week?

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