This was a tough week mentally for so many reasons. First, the climate of the nation right now is so heavy. I feel it so hard (Side-note: If you are like me and are searching for ways to act as opposed to simply sharing or liking online, reach out to me please. I have started an accountability group and would love to have you).

Second, I didn’t complete either long distance days this week. I was all set to complete my long ride on Saturday, and when I went to go, my tube had blown. Since I was doing a point-to-point ride, it would mean I would have been further out at my furthest point, and while I had a tube to put on, that would have meant that I wouldn’t have one in my pack if I got another flat. I decided to swap my rest day and ride the following day. I’ve also been trying to shake a really painful hip/piriformus muscle/glute/I-can’t-really-pinpoint-exactly-what-muscle-I-just-know-it’s-painful-as-heck. So when I got up to ride the following day, I threw in the towel before I started. Decided to listen to my body and take the blown tube as a sign that I should just let myself heal for a couple days. I’ll start back full steam this week.

So what does full-steam look like for Week 34? Glad you asked:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Aerobic Swim :: 3 x 800m @ PE 6-8 
  • Wednesday :: Interval Run :: 10km w/ 8x1km @ PE 8-9, 45s rest
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 2400m :: 8 x 200m hard w/ 60s rest
  • Friday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min, 6x [8min aero @ PE7-8 + 2min @PE5]
  • Saturday :: Open Water Swim :: 1000m @ RP + 5km run @ PE 6
  • Sunday :: Olympic Distance Triathlon :: Swim 1500m + Bike 40km + Run 10km at IM Race Pace

Last week’s recap:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga :: I found a two new yoga channels that I’ve been loving. Yoga Dose has longer videos, although I like some of their instructors better than others. Allie – The Journey Junkie is another recent fave, and I did one of her videos today. Isn’t YouTube great? 🙂
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim :: First time in the water this week! I didn’t really do intervals, since it’s been 2.5 months since I swam. I got into Lake Erie and just swam 1/3 of the total distance that is on my calendar. Just focused on breathing and getting back in the swing of things.
  • Wednesday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min w/ climbs + strength training :: Intervals kicked my butt today, but I did them, and I was soooo happy to be done. Finished and was a sweaty mess of a person.
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 2400m :: 3 x 400m :: Again, I got OUTSIDE in the water to swim. This is 2x now, and I couldn’t be more happy! This time, I completed 1/2 of the total distance, without intervals. Focused on sighting and still getting back in the rhythm.
  • Friday :: Race Pace Run :: 10km, including 3 x 2km efforts at RP :: Today’s run went really well! I felt strong, and intervals were good. I mixed in a decent amount of hill work, and still kept right at target pace.
  • Saturday :: Race Pace Bike :: 130km, including 3 x 25km efforts at RP :: This is where my week took a turn. As mentioned above, I didn’t end up completing my long ride for the week. Guilt is heavy as I write this.
  • Sunday :: Aerobic Run :: 25km :: Back to back DNF’s. My body is mad at me, my mind is mad at me, and I am practicing compassion.

Total weekly miles | Run: 6.2mi | Cycle: 27mi

Get fired up! What are your goals and plans for the week?

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