Coming off of a foux “race week,” my body is actually feeling pretty good. I’m happy with my current pacing, and am feeling better about my nutrition. This month is kind of strange because on one hand, I feel like I have been training forever (almost 2 years now, if I include my half Ironman training), and yet, my race still feels really far away. Focus is key right now, I think. What do you do to stay focused? Let me know in the comments. This week ramps right back up, with longer bikes and runs. I’m super happy that I’ve been able to get in the water, and that mostly, Lake Erie has been warm enough to go without a wetsuit. Hoping that continues!

Let’s get into Week 35:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim :: 3000m
  • Wednesday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min :: 5x [10min aero @ PE7-8 + 2min @PE5]
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 2200m :: in group if possible
  • Friday :: Interval Run :: 10km w/ 8x 1km @ PE 8-9, 45s rest
  • Saturday :: Race Pace Bike :: 120-130km, w/ 3x25km R.P. efforts
  • Sunday :: Aerobic Run :: 25km

Last week’s recap:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga | Yoga outside has been the biggest blessing lately. To be able to do a little extra strength, flexibility, and breath work in the sunshine is magical.
  • Tuesday :: Aerobic Swim :: 3 x 800m @ PE 6-8 | I finished 2/3 of my swim workouts this week. Still ramping back up and getting in the flow of swimming again. I actually felt good in the water today, even though Lake Erie was coooooold today. Overall, I’m happy with how swims are feeling.
  • Wednesday :: Interval Run :: 10km w/ 8x1km @ PE 8-9, 45s rest | A warm, humid day isn’t my favorite for interval work, but running is feeling good. I love interval days, actually, and the decreasing rest portion has been more manageable than I anticipated.
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 2400m :: 8 x 200m hard w/ 60s rest | Storms all day today did not lend to a good open water swim day. I subbed out weights and a long, shoulder focused yoga routine. 1 hour of balance work was tough, man! But very good.
  • Friday :: Interval Bike :: 80 min, 6x [8min aero @ PE7-8 + 2min @PE5] | Another day to practice my flexibility. Daylight was waning, and I had some mechanical issues with Blade (my main tri bike), so I had to make a quick decision, grabbed Sport (my trusty second bike which I love, but isn’t fit to me still) and went outside instead. Hill work replaced my aero bar intervals. But I got to see a beautiful sunset. I’ll call that a win 🙂
  • Saturday :: Open Water Swim :: 1000m @ RP + 5km run @ PE 6 | Today was fun! The water wasn’t nearly as cold as Tuesday, and everything went pretty quick today. Easy, quick workout for Saturday.
  • Sunday :: Olympic Distance Triathlon :: Swim 1500m + Bike 40km + Run 10km at IM Race Pace | Created my own little triathlon and was pleasantly surprised at how well I felt. Granted, the course ended up being very flat, and I lucked out with the water and weather, but it made for a superrrrr enjoyable day! Paced well, and felt like I could keep going. Encouraging for my first true test of transitions and all three disciplines for this training calendar.
(Sunday’s Olympic Distance Tri)

Total weekly miles | Run: 15.5mi | Cycle: 40mi | Swim: 4600m

Get fired up! What are your goals and plans for the week?

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