I am such a visual learner. In the spirit of full-disclosure, I didn’t immediately jump on the YouTube train. But the more that time goes by, I realize that you can learn ANYTHING from YouTube. It’s amazing really. And in the midst of COVID, I know we’ve all had a bit more time to do things that are quarantine-friendly.

So I wanted to take a minute to give you the list of the top 6 YouTube channels that have changed my life (or, at least, given me very very valuable information for which I am forever grateful)! YouTube has been the answer to my Saturday Cycle LifeHack: it’s a beautiful thing to be able to queue up a bunch of videos that will speak to questions that I have or topics that I’m interested in, and play them while I’m stuck on the trainer during the winter months instead of being able to go outside. If my outdoor itch can’t be scratched during a few of my workouts, at least my brain will be tickled with new and exciting information!

  1. Global Triathlon Network / Global Cycle Network
    These are technically two channels, but they are very much part of the same family, so I’m counting them as one on this list. Both of these channels has been instrumental in my training so far. From answering any and all triathlon related questions, to giving me drills and workouts, I feel like I have a part-time coach in my pocket at all times.
  2. Sedona Christina
    Her channel focuses on intentional living, self care, wellness and movement. She has so many great ideas, and I love how much time and research she spends to give good information. Ethical and sustainable fashion, good recipes, travel tips, and self care…. almost every video is jammed with awesome info. She has a podcast, too, but I actually haven’t checked it out yet.
  3. Shelbizleee
    First, I just want to say, you would be challenged to watch a video from Shelbizlee and not leave thinking, “I just want to be friends with this girl!” She is down to Earth, very transparent, and makes videos about almost everything. Sustainability is her main focus, and I think we could all stand to improve how we think about and treat this planet. She inspires me to think about new ways and new things to try, and researches the heck out of everything she posts.
  4. Sustainably Vegan
    Although I am not vegan, a bulk of my meals are plant-based, and I love love love her recipes (and her voice!) as well as her DIY recipes for around the home, etc. She posts videos about sustainability, veganism, minimalism, and low-impact living, and hits the mark on all of them.
  5. Homemade Wanderlust
    I am an outdoor-lover, and completing more through-hikes is on my bucketlist. I can picture myself incorporating hiking into my life more and more, and trail-boss Dixie answers any and all of my questions on Homemade Wanderlust. She is a total badass, and no topic is off-limits in her channel. I appreciate that she is so knowledgeable, but is still very approachable and breaks things down so you can easily understand.
  6. Yoga with Adriene
    Adriene has changed my yoga life. Your yoga instructor can make or break the experience if you are following a class or routine, and Adriene is amazingly knowledgeable, but explains things in a way that is beginner friendly, too. My partner was a yoga-newbie when she started doing videos with me, and found it super simple to follow along even if they were unfamiliar poses. Videos for every length of time and for every purpose, this is another channel that has improved my training, but also my recovery, mental health, and overall well-being.

Of course, there are various other topics and channels that I check in on, but these 6 are my mainstays, and I’m never disappointed.

Get fired up! What channels have added to your world? Try out one of these if you are looking for some visual inspiration this week.

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