I’ll keep things short and sweet this week. Last week’s pros include feeling more confident in the water and nutrition wins. Last week’s cons include mileage dips and some pain that I want to go away. I’m trying to focus on the good and continue to WORK. I really feel like my race is going to get cancelled, but again, I’m not going to think about that yet. Just keep working. My main goal for this week (other than just DOING the 112 miles on the bike!!!) is to remember my strength training. I need to remember to keep that up, and to continue to use my foam roller and stretch. Recovery is important. And strength matters. I’m too far in to be getting hurt. Be smart.

This is what things look like this week for week 39 (of 48):

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim :: 3000m 
  • Wednesday :: Strength work + Interval Bike :: 60 min + 1 mile easy run
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 3000m
  • Friday :: Interval Run :: 7km
  • Saturday :: Aerobic Bike :: 180km
  • Sunday :: Recovery Run :: 8-10km

Last week’s recap:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga :: Active recovery today looked like a little bit of weights and being outside. Some stretching and foam rolling, but that has become a daily thing, and I don’t know why it wasn’t always
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim :: 3200m :: I have honestly never seen waves like I saw today. Lake Erie was too much for me, and I’m honestly just really proud of myself for even going in the water. Last year, I wouldn’t have been strong enough to even get in. Today, I will not saw I only swam 400m because it was a WORKOUT, let me tell you. I’m taking a victory today.
  • Wednesday :: Strength work + Interval Run :: 10km :: My excitement over yesterday’s “W” was short lived. I slept for less than 2 hours, and we had a packed day. I didn’t run. It was the right decision, but dang, sometimes the right decision still hurts like hell.
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 2400m :: 5 x 300m hard swims :: The water today was still strong, but I was stronger. I’m not fast, but I still feel like I’ve made a ton of progress in the water. 2400m is totally doable, and that makes me happy. I’m still mostly concerned with doing the distance, and not paying much attention to the intervals. I’m okay with that still for now.
  • Friday :: Recovery Bike :: 60min + 1 mile easy run :: Beautiful bike ride with my partner today for my recovery ride, but I’ve been having some knee pain so I did not run following the ride.
  • Saturday :: 2000m Open Water Swim @ RP + 4km recovery run :: I loved everything about today. The swim went well, the run felt great.
  • Sunday :: Brick :: 90km bike + 14km Run :: I’m trying to put as much elevation in my bike rides as possible, and today I climbed over 3K. I woke up at 5:45am to get the miles in before the heat came, but I still ran in 88 degree weather. That made the run pretty tough, but I had the rest of the day to recover, and that is a beautiful thing.

Total weekly miles | Run: 8mi | Cycle: 70mi | Swim: 4800m

Get fired up! What are your goals and plans for the week? Drop them in the comments below!


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