This past week was full of mental struggles, gear struggles, and OWS fails. I guess that’s how it goes. Training, like life, is a roller coaster. I am doing everything I can to not give into my disappointment, my negative emotion, my want to just throw in the towel. I am doing everything I can to push through and just keep it going. This post explains a bit more about that.

This upcoming week has another 100-miler on the bike, and I have a feeling this week could be a doozy. It’s a pretty full and busy work week, so things have to shift a little, but I’ve found a way to make it work, so I am ready for the week. My main goal is to not look at my watch, and just do everything possible to enjoy the process this week. It hurts my heart that I haven’t been enjoying my training as of late. That is new; I love it. I do. So I’m hoping to find that again soon. Until then, I will just keep at it.

So here is my plan for this week’s training (week 43 of 48). I moved around some of the days a little bit because of my work schedule this week:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim :: 3000m 
  • Wednesday :: Strength work + Interval Bike :: 60min + 2 mile easy run
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 3500m
  • Friday Saturday:: Interval run :: 7km
  • Saturday Sunday:: Aerobic Bike :: 160km
  • Sunday Monday :: Recovery Run :: 8km

Last week’s recap:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga :: All rest, no yoga today. A little bit of additional strength work.
  • Tuesday :: Time Trial Swim :: 2500m :: It was not an awesome week for swimming. I apparently need new goggles, and got flat out tired of messing with them over the course of my swim today. Between them leaking water (never a problem before) and totally fogging up, I only managed 1500m
  • Wednesday :: Strength work + Interval Bike :: 80km + 2 mile easy run :: I had to force myself out of the door for today’s workout, but I did it. TBH, though, I skipped my run. Ugh, emotions. Please go away.
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 2500m :: Again, another swim fail. The water was pretty tumultuous today, and the swim lane bouys and ropes got dislodged somehow. After a few too many times getting caught in them because of the wind, I decided that maybe it wasn’t the best day for OWS.
  • Friday :: Recovery bike :: 60 min :: A nice, easy recovery ride today with my girlfriend. Broke a spoke towards the end, but overall, beautiful day and beautiful ride.
  • Saturday :: Open Water Swim :: 3000m + Recovery Run :: 4km :: Good stuff today. I didn’t want to be doing it (see this Instagram post for details) but felt okay.
  • Sunday :: Brick :: 60km bike + 20km run :: I felt pretty good here, although I do feel like I’m getting slower! I know I’m not supposed to be focusing on pace totally, but still. A little discouraging. As long as my body feels good, I should be proud.

Total weekly miles | Run: 14.5mi | Cycle: 75mi | Swim: 4500m

Get fired up! What are your goals and plans for the week? Drop them in the comments below!

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