I feel so close to “race day.” I seriously can’t believe just 5 weeks until the day!! The bad news is that I ended my week last week with a crash on the bike, so I’m in recovery mode a little bit.

With that said, I am still moving forward with everything, but doing my best to be smart. I caught some gravel and skidded out while breaking, landing hard on my tailbone. I’m wicked sore and recovering, but okay. My heart and brain are struggling a bit because of the impact (literally and figuratively). So, I’m taking things a day at a time this week, and modifying accordingly.

So here is my (tentative) plan for this week’s training (week 44 of 48). I moved around some of the days a little bit because of my work schedule and recovery needs this week:

  • Monday :: REST / walk
  • Friday Tuesday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday Wednesday:: Interval Swim :: 2400m 
  • Wednesday Thursday:: Time Trial Run :: 18km
  • Thursday Friday:: Open Water Swim :: 3500m
  • Sunday Saturday :: Metric Brick :: 112km Bike + 26km Run
  • Saturday Sunday :: Race Pace Run :: 5km

Last week’s recap:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Swim :: 3000m :: Overall a good day here. I am struggling to find the motivation to train, but once I get in the water I feel good.
  • Wednesday :: Strength work + Interval Bike :: 60min + 2 mile easy run :: Tough day on the bike, but I finished. Sometimes those are the best days because I feel so accomplished (?) when I’m done. I’ve found that there are no easy days, but maybe that’s the point.
  • Thursday :: Open Water Swim :: 3500m :: My work day changed significantly so I didn’t get to get my swim in. Lesson learned today.
  • Friday Saturday:: Interval run :: 7km :: Intervals felt awesome. I love my shorter, speed days. Especially when my watch tells me I broke one of my PR’s. Oh happy day!
  • Saturday Sunday:: Aerobic Bike :: 160km :: Today was a mental battle. I was winning. Until I crashed. Like literally crashed. I guess I’m surprised that I’ve been riding for this long and haven’t had a bad fall, but today was the day. I only got to mile 70 of 100 before I had to cash it in, so that was a bummer. Now I’m just hoping for a fast recovery.
  • Sunday Monday :: Recovery Run :: 8km :: Due to my crash, my recovery run has turned into a recovery rest day, with maybe a walk.

Total weekly miles | Run: 4.5mi | Cycle: 86mi | Swim: 3000m

Get fired up! What are your goals and plans for the week? Drop them in the comments below!

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