What a bummer of a week last week. I’m still in recovery mode, but things are looking better. With just four weeks until my “race” day, I’m trying to be very careful with what I decide to do. Recovery is my top priority, but I still don’t want to lose all the fitness I’ve gained so far. This week will be interesting, and telling. Fingers crossed!

Here’s what I’m working with this week:

  • Monday :: REST / yoga
  • Tuesday :: Interval Bike :: 90min
  • Wednesday:: Interval Swim :: 3200m 
  • Thursday:: Brick :: 140km Bike + 20km Run
  • Friday:: Recovery Bike :: 30-45 min
  • Saturday :: Open Water Swim :: 3000m @ R.P. + 5km Run @ R.P.
  • Sunday :: REST / yoga

Last week’s recap:

  • Monday :: REST / walk ::
  • Friday Tuesday :: REST / yoga ::
  • Tuesday Wednesday:: Interval Swim :: 2400m :: No swimming after all today. Went on a short walk to try to loosen up a bit. No luck.
  • Wednesday Thursday:: Time Trial Run :: 18km :: Ended up skipping today, also. Recovery is top priority.
  • Thursday Friday:: Open Water Swim :: 3500m :: Tried swimming today, with only about 500m of success. Getting there!
  • Sunday Saturday :: Metric Brick :: 112km Bike + 26km Run :: One more day of rest today, and I’m hoping to get back at it soon.
  • Saturday Sunday :: Race Pace Run :: 5km :: 5km run went well, and I’m starting to feel a bit normal again.

Total weekly miles | Run: 3.1mi | Cycle: 0mi | Swim: 500m

Get fired up! What are your goals and plans for the week? Drop them in the comments below!

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